The primary purpose of the self-evaluation is to enable student officers and college staff to take stock and take action. It focuses on two simple but very challenging questions:


   - How good are we now?
   - How good can we be?

To get started we have created a snap shot exercise below, which will allow you to assess your success in each of the Framework themes.  Upon clicking a theme below you will be asked to rate your effectiveness in this theme by considering  a variety of relevant work areas.  Your responses will then be used to calculate your "performance indicator" and provide you with recommendations on how to improve this. 

These short exercises are not designed to replace the full self evaluation activity but give you an indicator of your priorities to evaluate in full.  You can access the self evaluation against the entire framework by downloading this tool - Development of Strong and Effective Students' Associations in Scotland: Self-Evaluation.

What happens with my data? The results produced on the survey are for you to develop your SA and won't be published publicly anywhere. The Development Consultant team at NUS Scotland will of course be able to see results at the back of the survey but this is to support you in developing your SA - info may also be shared with our Framework partners at sparqs and funders at SFC for them to also support the development of your SA. 

This theme will evaluate; how well your SA is able to influence change in the college; your SA's relationships with staff and how well they represent the student voice.

This theme will evaluate; how well your SA represents the interests of your students; your ability to make autonomous decisions and the structures for the SA to be held to account. 

This theme will evaluate; how visible your SA is; how well your members understand what you do and how easy it is for them to play an active role in this work.

This theme will evaluate; whether the level of SA resource is suitable to carry out its purpose and if officers and staff have access to the skills and training they need to deliver their roles.

This theme will evaluate; whether your SAs priorities are based on your students needs and how well the SA is able to demonstrate the positive change they make.