The College Students’ Association Development Project is a programme of work designed to strengthen and support college students’ association development, student engagement and representation within colleges. This project is funded by the Scottish Funding Council to support NUS Scotland and sparqs to work with colleges and students' associations to implement the Framework and to support the development of student representation in colleges across the country.


Each college and students' association will have a designated NUS Scotland contact and a designated sparqs contact who will work with and support you. The project will deliver both local level working with staff members and elected officers at each college to embed the framework.

NUS Scotland

NUS Scotland is a federation of over 60 students' associations in Scotland. It exists to promote, defend and extend the rights of students.


The core work of the College Students’ Association Development project will be carried out by three Development Consultants newly recruited to NUS Scotland. It will be their role to support officers and key staff within the college by offering expert advice to develop students’ associations and supporting local agreements made between association and college to achieve development.


Development Team:



sparqs (student partnerships in quality scotland) is a publicly-funded agency for Scotland's university and college sectors which aims to support student engagement in the quality of the learning experience.


sparqs have appointed a dedicated Development Advisor to each college and will continue to provide a range of services to enhance the role of the student voice in the quality of learning, teaching and the overall student experience.